I had slept in my Chevy Van that night.

early in the morning I went into Denneys

to get breakfast


(I was supposed to catch a 7 AM flight out of Anchorage to Cordova)

before I took a seat and ordered, I went into the toilet to take a crap

as I was sitting there enjoying the purge

someone came into the john

I could not see him since I was behind a cubical wall

but, I could hear the guy walk up to the urinal

I was quite surprised when he began to urinate

a sprinkling of piss misted my shoes

he was urinating on the crappers partition wall, and not in the porcelain bowl

I was not particularly upset at this occurrence

I figured that he was drunk and needed direction, so

I said to him, “Hey, buddy swing to the left 90 degrees. You pissing on my shoes.”

Fuck You.” He says back.

I said, “You’re blowin’ it man. Swing to the left.”

Fuck off.”

I pulled up my drawers.

I came out of the stall.

He was busy puttin’ his peker back in his pants

He told me to go fuck myself

I grabbed him by the shoulder, and turned him around

By then I was in a rage all I remember was punching him a couple times and then

rubbing his face in the piss on the floor as he cried for mercy

I had none for him

I kicked him in the head before I walked out of the Toilet

the whole restaurant had been listening to the occurrence

and all eyes were on me

I looked at the waitress and said, “He was pissing on my shoes.”

Watch your language.” She said.

The guy was laying on the floor moaning like an old woman

the waitress, cried out, “ What have you done to ---------.”

And off she ran into the restroom

I realized that I had no friends there

And that I had better hightail it out of there

I walked out the door

got in my van

and made my flight to Cordova