I had an incredible epic dream last night;

At fist it was a chase theme. I was running from some pursuers. One of my pursuers found me hiding in some bushes, it turns out he was there to help me escape. He directed the other pursuers away from me. I met up with him at a parking lot where I got into the passenger side of a red sports car. He drove. We came upon some bad guys, so I hid on the floor boards. It was very cramped and claustrophobic, but I stayed there for a long time while he talked to someone at the window. At one point he pushed my head back with the point of an ice pick. He just put the ice pick to my forehead and pushed me further into the recesses of the automobile. After a while the other person left and the driver told me to wait for him to get back and not to move. The dream faded away into another scene. I was on some type of military installation. I thought I was sneaking about unnoticed. Me and some other people were trying to uncover some kind of military cover-up or expose a diabolical military experiment. We had found some kind of chemical release mechanism hanging off of a dock in about ten feet of water. We thought that if we didn’t get it out of the water it would do something horrible. I fished it out using a string. It was very small. It had a small vile containing a green liquid. It was obvious that the container was designed to leak the liquid out at a certain rate. There was a sense of dread among us at this revelation. The military men did not seam to mind us doing what we were doing; they just ignored us, as parents would a child. Soon after we discovered the leaking vile, a tremendous explosion took place across the bay. The fire ball from the explosion was so huge that it engulfed us, and drove or bodies into the mud of the bay. This explosion was of apocalyptic proportions. The red and black billowing clouds engulfed multiple city blocks. Although it was large it was over quickly. I pulled myself out of the mud and realized that the chemicals leaking into the water were designed to allow us to survive an explosion like the one just experienced. Everywhere around me mud covered bodies were picking themselves up and vomiting the thick black mud from their mouths. They were really no longer human, but a salamander type mutant human cross. I realized then why the military people were not concerned about our presence at the installation; we were part of the experiment.