Dream Number 8765a

I had a dream of mud filled creatures swimming through black death cover slime

happy creatures


vomiting streams of dark dirt from gapping mouths

they worked away at nothing

busy though.

children were taught to eat the filthy slime and were shown to love it also

they fist rejected the ideas of the stupid slime eating elders

but in the end, it was either eat the shit or not go insane

many chose to not go insane

they killed themselves though a myriad of ways

those that went insane grew up to have children of their own

this a happy story of loving creatures

Waiting Number 5732

I sit in an expensive Russia hotel watching some soccer game with oriental announcers

I have no idea what the language is let alone what they are saying.

Tomorrow I fly to Pusan Korea

I don’t have a care at all

Everything is fine

I sedate my anxiety with thoughts of death and life

I’m on my second beer

time to go down to the diner and order up the fare

Think I’ll have the twenty dollar steak

na, I’m getting fat as it is