Ghost sounds from the end question good intentions

hope now runs back amongst the red dawns rising

where will it all end

loose now


surrender thoughts to those less deserving

keep those voices under the magic light

share not


Drown with us or fly away

visions of viscous freedom finds peace in bed with x

why here?

I wonder not, yet desire

fool am I

curses come from dogs at night and I know them

I know them

they are me

slayers of the wet noise out from distant shores

oppressed hopeful dragons leer at us with reddened eyes

and drooling foamed and frothing foreheads drop upon me mundane sounds of


the fool is here, he is here

give to him the drugged and whispered comfort that wins the race

my dreams

are his to crush in earnest voyages to the east

protest us, damaged lovers hunting simply for the taste of joy

too much already, ring out the last painful rising of words not understood


killers like us deserve to be among the crowds of sheep

out at night lurking in the forest

grazing peacefully, hitting the right spot

we can win this vision

Love now crawls away

while deeper down the mind knows fear

winter time in march you say?

No, just a vision of the past wrapped in the hope of youth

we can let it go, give it away or even forget about it

but we won't

it's too precious

more so than the gift of life

of light

run with it, take it to the end

and beyond we will compare the scene

entertain us then

let the show continue