My view on drinking and driving.

I think that every one should be issued a drinking license at the age of 21. After all why is drinking alcohol a right and driving a vehicle not? Why is it a right to be able kill ones self with a drug, and yet a privilege to be able to provide ones self with a job. If everybody lost their license to drive, this country would cease to operate. Driving is an absolute necessity. Sure there are enough people driving now, that we can afford to take the privilege away from quite a few before it become obvious we are hurting the economy.

Here is my solution;

  1. Issue drinking license’s. If you get caught drinking and driving; you don’t lose your drivers license, you lose your drinkers license. We could have drinkers register like Heroin addicts. Instead of having policemen out on the road harassing drivers, we could have them checking licenses in liquor stores, bars and taverns.

  2. Outlaw parking lot’s at Bars and Taverns. If it is against the law to drink and drive, then why do we provide the means to do so?

  3. If you don’t like either of these solutions then the only other thing is to, Outlaw driving. After all it is not the drinking that kills people it is the act of driving. An automobile is a dangerous weapon. More people in America are killed on the highway, by motor vehicles, than any other way. Highway death is the number one killer.

I realize that most people will see that my solution is not feasible, and I recognize that. The reason I even mention it, is to show the complexity of the problem. Drinking is a fact of life. Every living creature, at some time or another, seeks to alter its consciousness. We can’t keep people from doing that no matter how much we legislate life. But it seems to me that the state has take the whole matter and made it a revenue source. The State gets the income going both ways. They sell the alcohol and then they get to fine you for drinking. They get to charge you for driving your car, then they get to fine you driving.

I’ve heard it said may times that, one can get along with no car. “Just use public transportation.” But the fact of the matter is that the only places in this country that have mass transit are the cities. Once you get in Rural areas, you need a vehicle. End of story.

When you take someone’s driving privilege away, you put that person on the lowest rung of the cast system. We must be very careful before we do that.