Robert Heinlein wrote a story in 1941 called “They”. It is a must read for any and all thinkers of life. I don’t profess to be such a lofty intellect, that I am above the unconscious masses as Heinlein does in his story. I am as stupid and unresponsive as the rest of humanity. Only I feel that I have had glimpses of the truth. I know that what he sees is real. The utter sense of loss I feel has nothing to do with thinking that I am superior. I only claim to know that I am ignorant, and a fool. The rest of you think that you are not. But, even though I realize that I am nothing, I am able to use my knowledge of this as a wedge to pry the meaning of existence from the grip of slavery we all embrace. Or at least I think I can. In my heart I know that I am wrong. I can not comprehend the reality. I am incapable of thought outside of my view as it has been constructed through years of lessons learned. The weary look of death raises its head to me at last. I am no immortal. At last I am humble in the face of the unknown.

The way

the way

where is the path?



no, it is a lie.

Go forth without your dreams and you will receive what you came for

ask for nothing and you will receive all

thanks without fear is power

giving is nothing if you need nothing

kill the heart and you become one of them

stop now before

it is too late

who sees in me the truth. They do, and it grieves me. For it pains me to know that they lack it.

I gave myself up to them, I became one and now I will die as one.

I thought that I was strong enough to resist.

But, I am not.

I have failed.