I was hitch-hiking from Anchorage to Seward

I was about half way

one road went south, to Seward

one road went west, to Homer

I stuck my thumb out on the south bound road

a yellow TR-7 pulled over

a rough looking woman was driving

on the floor boards I could see a case of beer

three bottles of wine

and two bottles of vodka

where you going?


I’ll take You.

I got in and had a beer

had a bit of wine

and had a slug of vodka

it was the 4 th of July

It didn’t take long to get to Seward

we went to a bar

had a couple of more

I had my tent and sleeping bag, and was planning on camping out that night

I really did not want anything to do with the woman that had picked me up

there was something about her that repulsed me

It got late

she asked me what I was going to do

I told her that I was not going to stay in Seward but that I was going to go to Homer

(which is about 400 miles away)

She said that she would drive me there

so, off we went to Homer

we camped out and fucked

it was not good, but oh well

I figured it was the price of the ride

we got to Homer the next day

she had a friend there

we went to her house and drank some more

I fucked her again that night at her friends house

I got up real early in the morning and hitched back to Seward

About halfway there,

in a little town called Nanilchich, or Solodivia or something Russian anyway,

I got a sore throat real bag and it hurt like hell to piss

I walked into the clinic and told them I was sick and wanted something for it.

I was feverish

I was brought into a room and told to drop my drawers

I figured they would do a drip check which is what the guy did

then he asked me lie down

he’s Doc, I did it

he still had his rubber glove on and he shoved his finger up my ass

jesus”, I said

does that hurt”, he asked.

well, it doesn’t feel real good.”, I replied.

He withdrew his finger, took off the glove and told me I had the clap.

I asked him if it was necessary for to do that sort of exam for the clap?

He said he was just being careful.

I got a shot in the butt cheek

And was sent on my way

I finished hitching back to Seward, but don’t remember a single ride

I waited for the ferry

When it arrived I boarded it bound for Cordova

I slept on the top floor under the cover of the solarium

I arrived in Cordova.