5 million monkeys with 5 million typewriters


is the wrong hut to live without

you in darkness

you in freedom

leak the words from the end of the rank and file of ghostly eternity

spray out the remains of human suffering upon the rain coated city slickers

drag the guns of falsehood to the forefront

let us see the beast as it lies among the ravaged stalks that you call honor

cut the cord

the rent is due

forget the end

words die as fragile splinters falls from the ends of the earth upon the sea


Washed out minds profess to understand the working of the innermost devil

among us we see the righteous turn their head in observance of the evil thought

rejoice in it die for it live for it fuck for it

it is our god

do not forsake me

fore sake him

fore sake her

asking both you and I to find ghostly tremors singing without jewels draw to skies not blue nor red

loss under the piles of wanton frailty splintered into kilograms pounded into dust

lost forever in the ravaged beauty of our lives

death is our last reward