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Shockwave linear shock absorber dynamometer





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The future of Shock Absorber testing technology
The Linear Shock Absorber Dynamometer

Shockwave linear shock absorber dynamometer

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The Shockwave Linear Dynamometer


Shockwave linear shock absorber dynamometer




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The Shockwave Linear Shock Absorber Dynamometer is a product of Performance Data Systems LLC.

The Shockwave Linear Dyno is a "state of the art" precision machine capable of reproducing the movement of any other production damper dyno. From a low-end Scotch-Yoke type crank dyno, to a high end hydraulic dynamometer and everything in between, the Shockwave Linear Dynamometer from Performance Data Systems LLC can reproduce virtually any wave form.

A Shock Absorber mounted on the The Shockwave Linear Dynamometer can be moved to simulate action on a particular race track as if the shocks were on a real car. To do this the vehicle must be connected to data acquisition and the movement of the shock must be recorded over the track to be simulated. The data is then brought back and 'played' on the dyno, simulating the real-world conditions right on the Shockwave Linear Dynamometer in your own shop.

Technical Specifications

  • 50 Hz Maximum Frequency Response
  • 85 in/sec Maximum Velocity
  • 40 G’s Maximum Acceleration
  • 1200 lbs Force Maximum (per motor)
  • 2000 lb ± Precision Load Cell
  • 240 Volt Single Phase Operation (for single motor version)
  • 0.00025 inch Position Accuracy
  • 8 inch Stroke
  • User Interface Touch Screen 256 Color 320 X 240 Resolution
  • 8 Data Acquisition Channels (4 unused)
  • 2’ by 2’ footprint

Analysis Software

  • Pre Loaded Multiple Test Types
    • Scotch Yoke Test
    • Step Test
    • Frequency Sweep
    • Constant Velocity Test
    • Track Data
  • Unlimited Custom Test Profiles – Including Track Data
  • Change and Save Trace Colors
  • User Defined Scaling
  • Auto Download Feature allows for Trace Matching
  • Modify Trace Labels
  • All Data is Saved in ASCII Format (easily brought into Excel® or other spread Sheet)
  • Data Smoothing Options (User Defined)
  • Offset Data Feature allows Compensation for Chassis Geometry
  • Universal ASCII File Import file capability 

Additional Attributes

  • One Moving Part – No Maintenance Required
  • Off the Shelf Standard Industrial Components Throughout
  • Cool Filtered Air Constantly fed to all Electrical Components, ( K&N Cleanable Air Filter)
  • Robust Chassis Construction Minimizes Harmonic Vibration at High Frequency and Supports up to 4 motors for a total of 5000 lbs Force.
  • 4 auxiliary Data Acquisition channels for gas pressure transducer, strain gauges, etc,…
  • Counter Balanced Upper Block for easy adjustment.
  • Adjustable Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Hardened Anodized Aluminum surfaces
  • USB connected Computer for Data Analysis Allows for Stand Alone Operation
  • No PC control cards (Eliminates Dynamometer Failure due to PC Failure)
  • Infrared Temperature Transducer
  • Custom Programming Available
  • Custom Hardware Modifications Available
  • Hardware and Electrical Documentation Included
  • All Hardware and Software Development done by In-House Performance Data Systems Personnel